Visit our Barbary Coast Picture Gallery.
Return to the raucous rollicking days of the Barbary Coast! San Francisco, Gateway to the West, Cornucopia of the World! Meet that "Bumper crop of characters" that peopled the City in its early days. Kick up your heels to the tunes of banjos and fiddles. "Join in" for gold rush songs, gambling, dance, and adventure!  
Our other "stage ready" shows include:
Renaissance Revelry
Victorian London
Hollywood's Heyday
Italian Renaissance
  • Sea shanty singers, medicine men, peddlers, or splendiferous theatricals
  • Scandalous can-can dancers all the way from France
  • Emporer Norton, Lola Montez, Lotta Crabtree, Mark Twain, Black Bart, and other notables
  • The celebrated melodrama, "Jack is Back"
  • Sea Captains, Miners, Fancy Saloon Gals
  • Brass Bands, Fiddlers, and Gifted Pianists from back east