Visit our Victorian Delights Picture Gallery.
It would give us the greatest pleasure to present, for your delight, Dickensian diversions from Fezziwig's dance party to saucy ale-house songs and games such as "Lace-a-Lady." Entertain in proper English fashion with musicians, dancers, and "Mad Sal and her awfully jolly girls!"  
Our other "stage ready" shows include:
Gold Rush San Francisco
Renaissance Revelry
Hollywood's Heyday
Italian Renaissance
  • Mr. Charles Dickens, Old Ebenezer Scrooge, Mr. Pickwick, and the charismatic "William Worthington Crumpet" can greet your guests and host the evening.
  • Gentlemen in toppers 'n tails and ladies in Victorian gowns can teach ballroom dancing .
  • Celebrated soloists from the Victoria and Albert Music Hall Theatre.
  • Brass Bands and String Orchestras.
  • Singing Chimney Sweeps and the Piccolo Puppet Theatre.